Having been in use for over 100 years, stainless steel braces are the traditional braces that most people think of when they read about orthodontic treatment. They consist of small metal brackets which are fitted to the front of your teeth with a wire running between them. The wires are kept in place by small elastic bands, which are the "colours" often referred to in orthodontic treatment. A series of different sized wires are then used to gradually move your teeth into place. Stainless steel braces are the most cost-effective solution for your orthodontic treatment and are suitable for almost every situation.

At Milk Orthodontics we are proud to use Mini Master Series Low Profile braces from American Orthodontics. These mini braces have a patented design that helps us deliver the highest quality treatment finish. They are also a fun way to add your own unique signature style to your braces as the bands used to hold the wires in place come in a full range of over 20 colours for you to choose from. You may choose as many or as few colours as you like in absolutely any combination!