At Milk Orthodontics we are proud to use Radiance Plus clear ceramic braces from American Orthodontics. Radiance brackets are a discreet and reliable way to straighten your smile.

Radiance braces are clear, ceramic braces that are an attractive alternative to stainless steel braces. These are fitted to the front of your teeth, and consist of subtle, clear, sapphire crystal with metal wires running through them.

Radiance braces are extremely durable as they are made from sapphire, which is almost as strong as diamond. Each bracket is made from a single sapphire crystal which is heat-treated and polished to make it exceptionally smooth to the touch, comfortable in the mouth and resistant to staining. Our specialist orthodontist at Milk Orthodontics would be pleased to chat to you about the option of including Radiance braces as part of your orthodontic treatment plan.