itero Orthodontic Intraoral Scanning

At Milk Orthodontics, we use scanner technology to take a digital impression of your teeth and bite. The iTero Orthodontic Intraoral scanner is used to take 3D pictures of your teeth. This method is completely safe and harmless, and is akin to having photographs taken. This dramatically speeds up treatment planning and does away with the need for old-fashioned alginate moulds in most cases.

FormLabs 2 3D Printer

We use a 3D printer to print orthodontic models of your teeth. Using this technology in our orthodontic practice, we are able to get the most accurate results. Precision is important to us, which is why we are able to recreate your teeth with our 3D printer down to 25 microns. We invite you to visit the clinic to see our 3D printer in action.


Digital Indirect Bonding

Using specialised orthodontic software, we are able to digitally place orthodontic brackets on a 3D image of your teeth. We then 3D print the orthodontic model and use it to develop a custom-made tray for seating of your brackets. This process cuts down on the time you’re physically in the dental chair, whilst ensuring precision placement for optimal treatment results.

Digital X-Rays

We value your health and safety, which is why we choose to use only digital x-rays, taken in-house. Using digital x-rays greatly reduces the amount of radiation you are exposed to, compared to the old-fashioned x-rays that required high amounts of radiation in order to produce the required images on film. Using digital technology also means we have immediate access to your records, so that we can diagnose and treatment plan your orthodontic needs sooner.

Cutting Edge Software

At Milk Orthodontics, we have invested in software that will make your experience with us smooth and reliable. By using the latest orthodontic software available on the market, we are now able to do all the required analysis of your teeth and bite in a shorter period of time, to the highest level of precision. Going digital is also the most environmentally friendly choice.